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Is the Arab World Facing its Own Thirty Years’ War?
My boss has the habit of placing photocopies of articles he read on my desk in the morning, before I arrive at work. Today what I found was a short review of a book which argued ...
Keep calm and muddle through it: three reasons why a Grexit will not happen
“Greek talks must yield immanent agreement,” “Greek exit from euro appears increasingly likely,” “last opportunity” – I can’t take it anymore. For months my Facebook page has been ...
"I Dont Have Any Choice": Forced Prostitution in Sicily
3 May 2014My job for today was to drive to Mineo – the notorious refugee camp I wrote about yesterday. After having breakfast and writing the article on Greece, I left Catania at ...
The Greek Deal
Greece likes to see itself as an exceptional case. Think of the naming dispute with its neighbour in the north, or the paranoia about Turkish invasion causing an outrageously high ...
The Mafia Connection
I said yesterday that today would probably give me lots to write about. In fact, I want to say so much that I am not sure where to start. I had three appointments today – one with ...
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