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IT-Blog from a Sysadmin for other Sysadmins or IT affiliated readers. Focus topics are Linux and its tools, Python and other cool new IT technologies.


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Understanding multi line strings in YAML and Ansible (Part II - Ansible)
In Part I of this series we examined the two block styles of YAML, literal and folded, as well as the three block chomping methods, strip, clip and keep. In this post we want to ...
Understanding multi line strings in YAML and Ansible (Part I - YAML)
I had a strange problem with variables spanning multiple lines in Ansible. During the process of debugging it, I learned a bit about multi line strings which are called “blocks” ...
Horde: Deleting Duplicates from MySQL Database
I recently encountered a problem with my Horde installation. Due to an app misconfiguration, my wife created hundreds of calendar entries for the same event. It is tedious to ...
Solving multi monitor mouse problems in fullscreen applications
I’ve been an avid gamer for ages. I’ve also been using two monitors for ages. And I’ve had my fair share of problems with this combination already. Some time ago I broke my arm. ...
Linux: Empty swap space
This is the translation of a post I wrote four years ago. I needed an english version of it for a friend of mine. If you want to empty your swap space on Linux for whatever ...
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