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IT-Blog from a Sysadmin for other Sysadmins or IT affiliated readers. Focus topics are Linux and its tools, Python and other cool new IT technologies.


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Linux: Empty swap space
This is the translation of a post I wrote four years ago. I needed an english version of it for a friend of mine. If you want to empty your swap space on Linux for whatever ...
Ansible: Extracting dictionary values into a list
Scenario: In Ansible you have a list of dictionaries containing some values, e.g. a list of mount points: mymounts: basedir: /srv/mymounts mounts: - name: ...
Ubuntu: How to fix the No Wi-Fi password dialogue error
I recently stumbled over a problem on my notebook running Ubuntu 16.04 “Xenial Xerus”. When trying to connect to a new, protected Wi-Fi network no password dialogue appeared, ...
Java Keystore scribblings
Nearly two months ago I published my OpenSSL scribblings post. This one is the spiritual successor, addressing Java Keystore handling this time. There are already a lot of good ...
Running Docker swarm mode on Scaleway
I’m currently running a couple of tests with Docker swarm mode on Scaleway. For those who don’t know Scaleway, it’s a PaaS provider which is part of Due to capped ...
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