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Composition Two

Composition Two ist Designmagazin und Modeblog und versammelt Artikel, Projekte und Bilder, die das Thema Gestaltung in Bezug auf Mode reflektieren. Dabei werden alle Schnittstellen der Gestaltung wie Form, Farbe, Komposition, berücksichtigt


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DESIGN / moak clock by studio ps
It's always nice, if a product tells something about it's function during it's design and materials. That is something which Peter van de Merwe and Sanne Zeeman from ...
PHOTOGRAPHY / kevin tadge
Photography is always a game of perception. The photographers view and composition create something, which is new and will sometimes never find an opposite in real life. The ...
JEWELRY / vowel
Designers are image-makers. They focus on something which already exists and try to set it up in a new context. Sometimes the output is intriguing and beautiful at the same time. ...
PHOTOGRAPHY / louis de belle
Sometimes we are drawn to exotic places to find something new. That there is no need to travel to exotic places to find interesting things becomes clear after a look into the ...
ART / jeffrey dell
If you want to create something unique start with simple things. American artist Jeffrey Dell did so: After his Master in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico he ...
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