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a site about success and failures in bearmaking and needlefeting


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some angora bunny fluff
  over the weekend i worked on some of my angora fluff - not yet finished, but i got something to spin, incase i finish the little black/blue i got :D
shopping fun
shopping is fun :Dother ladies go and buy shoes, i go and buy spindlesactually i was just wanting a jenkins …. so i went to ravelry and had a look if someone sells onenope ...
some crafting of last week
    because spinning all black is really boring, i took again a break in between and i desided i need to do some learning of the long draw nothing ...
some gardening
it was raining and raining and raining for quite some time, so i could not work on my flowersbut on wednesday, it was dry (i thought) and just did it, it was cold, i was ...
20th of may
  what a long break - sorry my camera works again, it was just the cable ! i am really glad about thismy new job goes good so far, just officework till now beside of ...
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