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Alles über Kimono, Kitsuke und Kimonocosplay.


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Yabane again!
Again, it has been some time since I updated my blog. Originally I planned to do so many kimono-related things, but in the end I barely did anything...  Finally I found ...
First Project of 2010: Complete!
As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, my grandmother widened my beloved yabane-komon for me. Last weekend she finished it and it turned out awesome (thank you so much grandma ...
Long time, no post.
It has been a while since I posted, so heres my first post of 2012 :DI was a little tired of my blog and kimono related stuff, but now I am back with some new ideas and ready for ...
Re: A small kimono challenge (03)
01. How did I discover Kimono?02. My dearest kimono items.03. My most frequently used kimono items (excluding juban and himo).04. My least used kimono items.05. My favourite ...
Some "Japantag 2011" Impressions
So on Saturday I went and visited the "Japantag" in Düsseldorf. Usually it is hold in spring, but due to the catastrophe in Japan back then, they moved it to October.  My ...
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