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Fotoblog über Bilder aus Urlaub, Ausflüge, japanisches Essen, Tiere usw.


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Suika Shiratama / Watermelon Rice Flour Dumplings / スイカ白玉
A great summery recipe Ive found in the August issue 2014 of "オレンジページCooking". The magazine I bought in April in the Japanese bookstore Yamashina in Berlin. This dish is called ...
Berlin - Street Food Thursday (Markthalle 9) / ストリートフードマーケットベルリン
Last week I was once again with my family for one week in Berlin. We have visited Berlin already often, but there is so much to see and to discover something new, that we cant ...
Chinjao Rōsu / Stir-Fry with green Pepper and Beef / 青椒肉絲
Today I would like to introduce you again a hot dish that I cooked very often in the recent month. Its called Chinjao Rōsu (chin. 青椒肉丝 / Qīng Jiāo Ròu Sī) and is of Chinese ...
Bento #54: New Years Sheep Bento 2015
Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you started well into the new year and had some wonderful days with your family. Im among those who had to work between years, but the ...
So I celebrate Christmas this year
As promised, I tell you today, how I spend Christmas this year and how we decorated our Christmas ...
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