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Geospatial Talk

Blog about geosptail technologies, mobile phones, apps, Android and the iPhone


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Tesla Model 3 - Dashboard Concept
Will 2017 be the year of Tesla Model 3? At last years Telsa Model 3 introduction event Elon Musk stated that first Model 3 will be shipped to customers by the end of 2017. Latest ...
Hardware designed by users
Eve V is the second device by the Eve Tech Finland, a group of end users, who develop their own hardware. After their first product, the Eve T1 tablet, the team was still ...
Mapping solutions enables their users to find their way easily, using ...
Wayfinding solutions support our daily lives in finding our way and optimizing our time. We use them naturally to find the fastest, shortest or optimized route to our desired ...
Nexus 6: Android Flagship of 2014 in detail
Latest news about the new Google Nexus 6 talk about Motorolas Turbo-Charging Mode and QHD display with 5.9 inch. Rumors collected during the last few weeks now form a pretty ...
App Script Form to add a Calender Event
Google App Script allows you to automate work flows and create Add-ons with Google Sheets, Docs and Forms. It is also possible to integrate external Google Apps. One example is ...
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