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Im Moment sind die Themen Theaterkritik, Philosophie, Kunst.


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Was soll man sich ins Grab mitnehmen?
What should one take into the grave?"Du schweigst, sagte er (Václav Talich) zu Křížek. Du weißt doch am besten, daß der Mensch sich nur das ins Grab mitnimmt, was er im Leben ...
Utéct - Escape
Both are being aware of the fact that he will get killed during the battle the next day, as she tells him to run, he being the radical knows that all will be lost if he does.
The Matador*
* At about 47:00 minutes: "Give us a taste of your rare affection!"
Eyes Not Even Blinking
When did I disappear?!Customs - The MatadorActually its about the actor, who gives it all he got (which is a fucking lot). And thats something I cherish since Im tired of all ...
If somebody asks me about my profession - which spitefully happened a lot recently - I would rather draw something across my head. Sometimes I resort to simply telling them that ...
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