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Im Moment sind die Themen Theaterkritik, Philosophie, Kunst.


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While my bike was being returned I myself was in the backyard looking for fireflies. It so happened that in one bush there was aconstant glow and I was able to pick it up and hold ...
Sleep Tight
Looking at my sleeping children in the morning.Do I feel sorry or is there a slightly malicious joy in knowing that I have to wake them in just a few moments hence.Slaap lekker - ...
Oh the Laughter
So the bike was gone, stolen when we returned. Something regretfully anticipated by me because just before we were to leave on a three-day vacation I had been thinking about ...
While the original is elaborate and rough due to its inherent urgency to get outthe replica loses a lot of this quality.
God writes straight with crooked lines.At the end of WWII there was a group of young people in Aachen who had taken it upon themselves to protect the Cathedral.As the wars grow ...
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