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Im Moment sind die Themen Theaterkritik, Philosophie, Kunst.


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Riding Around with Adrian
There is this place of contrasts, on the one hand the quarry pond, where people go to relax in the sunshine, and just across the street the prison for juvenile deliquents. Passing ...
How the Gallows Songs came to beOnce there were eight merry kings, they lived. Their names were so and so. Who has got a name anyway? One is called. One day though the merry kings ...
Transsubstantiation or Koets naar Wenen - Milksop III
Spoiler alert, if you still want to read the book, do not read any further!Throughout the book Christianity and especially Kristas faith play a pivotal part - in the movie there ...
Koets naar Wenen - Milksop II
Wenn die Ahnung zur Gewissheit wird. When the hunch becomes a certainty.The big surprise while reading the book came on one of the final pages, when it is revealed that the ...
Of a very good actor its hard to do an impression, because he will be impressed by his role and do it justice. And yet he will be the source of a lot of impressions, for which the ...
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