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Im Moment sind die Themen Theaterkritik, Philosophie, Kunst.


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Schmetterling, Schmetterling
Sometimes I wonder if the German language possesess an inherent brutality, like a "butterfly" is a "Schmetterling", which would rather mean something like "burstling" and ...
Those Honey Lips
"... with a wicked, wicked grin."Like most of philosophy, a good movie explains itself from the ending. Sometimes there might be quite odd and often memorable scenes that in ...
As we struggle for the only true way for everyone to be happy, we fundimentally forget that there might just be so many ways and that above all its more important to create the ...
Christian Morgensterns Deep Frivolity
Gallows HillInapprehensible for dull-witted folkswe practice lifes game.Especially the inevitableserves as our ridicules aimMayest call it a childs revengeon beings deep ...
A Deeply Heartfelt Happy Birthday
to one of the most catholic persons ever - and yet again I hate using superlatives ;)
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