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Im Moment sind die Themen Theaterkritik, Philosophie, Kunst.


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Solange uns Zeit bleibt - As Long As We Have Time
Better now than never, because sometimes one has to learn the hardest possible way.
Measure for Measure
In the late 1990s I was at exhibition of works of art fromthe collection of the museum of Capodimonte, Naples, in Bonn. When I was studying the pattern of the blouse worn by Mary ...
"Theres a kind of silliness in the theater about what one contributes to a show. The producer obviously contributes the money... but must the actor contribute nothing at all? ...
Doubly Lifelike
Walking across the graveyard, she suddenly burst out:"When Im dead, I want a tomb slab because this will be far less work for the bereaved." She had always been rather fond of ...
Face To Face
And suddenly reality hit me as I was walking with Darren in Torquay in the summer of 1988. We were both eighteen, and he told me that he had been stationed as a soldier in ...
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