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Bridgekeeping Traveller

Brücken bauen, Brücken erhalten, Brücken überschreiten. Ich bereichte über meine Reisen vor allem in Osteuropa.


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The Wall That Once Was
Tomorrow Germany will celebrate an important anniversary. Tomorrow 25 years ago, the Berlin Wall came down. It is one of my favourite topics to write about, the past of the ...
Vondelpark Bridge in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Bridges are awesome not least because you can come across them virtually anywhere – as majestic architectural masterpieces in large cities or as randomly strewn about planks ...
A Medieval Ruhr Surprise – Hattingen
The beauty of life is that you always find things that defeat any kind of stupid prejudice about any area in the world that is supposed to be boring, ugly or not worth ...
Gravestenenbrug in Haarlem, the Netherlands
There is something about draw bridges. I think maybe I’ve been a bit taken with them ever since I lived in Greifswald, where they have an example of surpreme beauty. But ...
Bikes, Sand Dunes, a Memorial, and the North Sea
You read me, so you know I love the Baltic. Now the important question is: Can you really love the North Sea when you love the Baltic? My hometown Hamburg is approximately the ...
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