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Relaxing at home
Yesterday we stayed home to relax.Between Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 we also did many playing sessions with the cats.In the evening we watched the current episodes of Defiance and ...
Gaming again
Yesterday we tried to sleep longer, but our cats had other plans for us. So we got up and had a good breakfast - bus we neede to come to grips with no longer being served ...
Back from vacation :(
Yesterday was the last day of breakfast at Bad Blumau.After that we went to Riegersburg and Zotter, where we tasted and bought a lot of chocolate.When we finally came home in the ...
Spa vacation - day 5
Yesterday we had a small surprise for breakfast. Our assigned table has been decorated, since it was our wedding day.Aftera long breakfast, we went to the Chamber of Silence to ...
Spa vacation - day 4
Yesterday we started the day again with a good breakfast.BreakfastMy favorite tea - lavender-peppermintAfter that we went on to relax in the Chamber of Silence. After at trip to ...
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