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Simple home recipes and food photography


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Beef, or Veggie Burger? How the Protein Package Matters for Health
I always try to make burgers at home…than buy.   Protein is one of the essential building blocks of the human body. Found in muscle, bone, hair, skin, and throughout ...
Three Tasty, Easy Dishes to Cook in Your Brand New Kitchen
  Getting a brand new kitchen installed in your home is exciting. By just changing one room, you can give a new lease of life to your entire household and open up a whole new ...
Around the world in 5 Desserts
  When it comes to our main meals we easily travel the world with our culinary experimentation; Indian, Italian, Mexican and so on are all foods we regularly consume, but I ...
For the Love of Food and Travelling
  Pardon that you’d be bombarded with pasta dishes in the following posts. Still part of our Italian tour, we visited Bologna, which is year 2000′s European ...
Florence – of Scents and Flavors
  walking about The last week of July was spent with so much walking I felt like I lost 5 kilos as I go…then again, it was also spent eating here and there that the ...
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