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MysticCup Day 2….. Prequals.
Day 2 in Shuvit Crew land…. So its Day 2 in Prague at the Mystic Cup, and amazingly we are up and running. Marten Maxwell and Marcel Rieger signed up for the Street, and me, ...
MysticSkateCup 2015…. Shuvit Crew Style.
So as promised Shuvit Crew took one for the team and went into the darkest depths of Prague to see what the f*** is going on at the Contest… So here the very short show-down ...
Prag Mystic Skate Cup 2015: 26.-28.Juni
Beds and transfers are booked, bags are packed up with loads of stuff, the mood is „on Fire“ – so everyone of our 14 tourmembers is already excited to the max ...
12th Rumble in the Park at Gmunden
Am 27. Juni 2015 ist es wieder soweit und es heißt: „Rumble in the Park“ oder noch besser ausgedrückt „Rumble in the Pool“! Dieser traditionelle ...
Contest Kick-off 2015 Neulengbach
So as many of you may have realised or had the honour of being there live; we had our Contest Kick-Off in Neulengbach. It was crazy hot, but therefore the heat seemed to motivate ...
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